There's shared hosting, and then there's YMR Technologies Hosting.

Most shared hosting lures you in with offers of cheap shared hosting, but by the time you get to it, you need to pay often times more than double, triple, or even quadruple the promotional price they lure you in with to get adequate performance and security.

That is why at YMR Technologies, we offer affordable shared hosting that includes everything you need to make sure your website is quick, and secure, for the internet standards of the 2020s.

Here are the features that make YMR Technologies stand out compared to other web hosts

Performance: Our webservers are built using NGINX, with php-fpm, on Linux machines running on SSDs, and hosted on an Amazon AWS server in one our handful of available regions. Combine this with the integrated Cloudflare's Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Caching, your website will be loading blazing fast compare to how it would hbe with more common shared hosting packages.

Security: Our webservers are constantly scanning the code of all the websites we host to make sure that no malicious code has the chance of being executed if a potential vulnerability in any of your system is detected. Not only does this make sure that no malicious parties take advantage of your website, but it also protects us from having our servers used in ways they were not intended to.

Availability & Reliability: We have backups and redundancy built in to our system. If anything happens, we make a full system backup ever 24 hours and have backup servers on standby which automatically launch and take up the slack if any of our machines is having a hard time.

Privacy: We take your privacy really serious. Most hosting companies will charge you extra to keep your private information hidden from the public WHOIS record associated with all Domain Names, but we don't! When you register a domain through us, you have the option to list public information for yourself or your business if that servers you, or have the option of keeping private information just that, private, at no extra cost!

Sábado, Abril 4, 2020

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