Managed shared hosting

With no contracts, if you don't like the service, cancel any time!

Standard Hosting

Our hosting is unlike most standard web hosting offers.

Other hosts lure you in with cheap hosting, but then charge you extra for features we offer by default, bringing your monthly costs higher than expected and often times even higher than our monthly fees.

When you host with YMR Technologies, you can rest assured your website is hosted on the latest technology built on the backbone of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and hosted on SSDs for extremely low latency and fast website load times!

Our web hosting customer portal has every feature one might need to manage your domains or host any type of website imaginable, including free automatic SSL generation!

We also protect your privacy and take data security very important.

We do not sell any data to third parties, nor provide any public facing information on our clients, unless requested by the client, at the registrar level when we register or host domains on our servers.

Our billing is done though Stripe, and we do not store any personal credit card information on our servers.

Not only that, but our support is top notch!

As we are a small hosting company, we will be more than happy to help you get set up and online in no time if you need a helping hand!